Biological Monitor

Insignia is looking for an Environmental Inspector/Biological Monitor for a project located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Project includes working extensively in salt marsh habitat.

Job Description

  • Conduct pre-construction surveys for sensitive and rare species, including California Ridgway’s Rail (Rallus obsoletus obsoletus) and Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse (Reithrodontomys raviventris).
  • Conduct fieldwork as needed to prepare deliverables including vegetation surveys, habitat assessments,  and related studies
  • Perform construction monitoring and ensure compliance with environmental measures
  • Prepare written reports, letters, permit applications, training programs and other deliverables as assigned
  • Coordinate production of materials with vendors
  • Create graphics and maps
  • Deliver trainings and oral presentations
  • Review deliverables to ensure the highest level of quality

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Insignia Environmental


San Francisco, Bay Area


Date Posted

July 19, 2017

Job Type

Full Time