Cleanup coalition

Cleaning up the Feather River

Last Saturday, for the second year in a row, a number of groups and entities joined together with the public to clean up the banks of the Lower Feather River. The Feather River Recreation and Park District, the Butte Environmental Council, the Feather River Nature Center, and the Department of Water Resources all teamed up to rally volunteers and collect unsightly trash on the Feather River in Oroville. About 100 volunteers participated, including some of our own from our Chico office—we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get our raft on the water and net us some garbage!

Netting garbage on the Feather River

Those who participated last year claim that the amount trash – which included items such as bottles, shopping carts, various pieces of furniture, and a surprising number of socks – was much more abundant during the first Cleanup last year. Still, there was plenty to pick up this year, and the watchful eyes of the local news were on hand to document  the bounty. We appreciate all who made the rivers a cleaner place for us to work, and helped to remove garbage in the path for this year’s fall-run salmon. The Oroville Salmon Festival will celebrate the salmon’s return to the lower Feather River in late September. We’ll be there, and hope to see you too!

The local press documents our cleanup efforts