Ocean Ecologist

Ocean Ecologist, is open at the Assistant Professor rank and will have an academic home in OSU’s Department of Fish and Wildlife in the College of Agricultural Sciences and will be affiliated with either the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station or the Marine Mammal Institute depending on expertise. The general aim for this position is to examine the trophic ecology among marine species with an emphasis on top-down controls in the northeast Pacific Ocean. The primary research interest for this position is in the mechanistic links between upper trophic-level predators and marine food webs with a focus on managed and protected species. The position could take advantage of novel technologies such as fisheries acoustics, biologging tags, and oceanographic data paired with spatial statistics, food web, or individual-based models to examine predator influence on trophic ecology. The qualified candidate could participate in projects such as NOAA’s salmon and ecosystem surveys, and animal telemetry efforts, aiding in both data collection and analysis.

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Oregon State University


Newport, OR


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