Fisheries Biologist/Groundfish Observer


Groundfish observers collect biological data while living aboard commercial fishing vessels working in the North Pacific Ocean and eastern Bering Sea.

Observers work on boats that range in size from 60-foot longliners to 600-foot processing factories. Working conditions on fishing boats vary widely but all are almost always challenging in Alaska, where cold, wet weather is the norm. Biologists typically work out on an open deck, often for hours at a time, or for long periods of time in factories.

Observers must be flexible and resourceful in establishing a sampling station and sampling methods, and capable of heavy lifting. Sampling and paperwork often require observers to work long and odd hours, seven days a week. Shifts range from 4 – 12 hours daily, and it’s rare to sleep uninterrupted for eight hours. Salary above is monthly.

Observer contracts are typically for 90 days and can be renewed indefinitely. We encourage — and reward — repeat contracts.


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Saltwater Inc.


Dutch Harbor, Alaska


$4050.00 - $6330.00 Commensurate with Experience

Date Posted

August 23, 2021

Job Type

Full Time