Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project


Davenport, CA



Tuesday May 3, 2022


This position in salmonid recovery offers the hatchery manager an opportunity to be a key player in the recovery of the ESA listed CCC Coho Salmon Southern Population.  Our genetically managed captive broodstock program is Priority #1 in the Federal Recovery Plan.  Our nonprofit operates the hatchery that is making the recovery possible. Our focus is the production of genetically diverse high quality smolts and broodstock. It is not a high-volume operation. We are looking for a Manager who is motivated to be part of the solution for Southern Coho recovery!  

The MBSTP Hatchery Manager is responsible for the daily operation and oversight of the Kingfisher Flat Conservation Hatchery (KFH) located on Big Creek in Davenport, California. The hatchery serves as the primary rearing facility for the Central California Coast Coho Salmon Captive Broodfish Program, and is the planned location of spawning & egg incubation for MBSTP’s future San Lorenzo River Steelhead Recovery Program. The primary task of the Hatchery Manager position is the executive and proactive management and oversight of MBSTP’s captive rearing, spawning, and incubation programs by maximizing fish production and optimal genetic quality while ensuring the safety of personnel & volunteers.

Responsibilities (short list):

Complete lifecycle rearing (egg incubation à spawning) of coho and steelhead.  Monitors egg and fish production – determines and performs regular development tracking and growth checks, fish inventories and adjustments, biomass reductions, re-inventories, transfers and releases. Use ultrasound scanning technology to determine development and ripening of adult coho and steelhead. Leads spawning crew to remove and collect eggs and sperm to ensure viable, uncontaminated gametes and works with NOAA Captive Coho Broodfish Coordinator and Geneticist to ensure genetic variability, combines eggs and sperm, loads fertilized gametes into on-site incubation devices or packages and transports eggs and sperm in specialized containers, if necessary.

Supervision of KFH Fish Culturist, MBSTP hatchery volunteers, MBSTP Facility Managers and student interns.  Determines and delegates appropriate daily tasks and assignments to subordinate staff ensuring efficiency and thoroughness in their completion.  In coordination with MBSTP Executive Director and Board Chair, conducts performance evaluations and implements corrective measures and/or performance improvement plans, if necessary.

Routinely inspects and maintains in working order, all hatchery intake ingestion points and water conveyance systems to Kingfisher Flat Hatchery and conveyance systems within the facility.  Also inspects and maintains in working order, secondary and tertiary support systems that provide supplemental aeration and/or limited water re-use during seasonal low flow periods or drought conditions.

Qualifications (short list):

Hands-on experience in the field of fish culture (experience with salmonids and hand spawning preferred)

Familiarity with salmonid fish pathogens; recognition of symptoms, treatment calculations and protocols and preemptive management strategies and preventative measures.

Familiarity with basic scientific principles and laboratory techniques, ability to analyze and resolve fish rearing/health issues.

Knowledge of hatchery data management (on-paper and digital), summation and reporting.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Proper calibration and operation of common lab and other scientific instruments.

Knowledge and efficient use of Microsoft Excel and Word.  Familiarity with social media platforms a plus.

Salary: $75,000/year

To Apply: Please send a resume/CV and cover letter to: director@mbstp.org and please include “HM position job application” in the subject line of your email.

For the complete job description visit: https://mbstp.org/news/job-opportunities

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