Ph.D. Assistantship

A Ph.D. position is available starting summer or fall of 2018 in collaboration with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the U.S. Geological Survey. The successful candidate will study the migratory behavior of the sea lamprey in rivers draining to the Great Lakes. Specifically, she/he will use telemetry to examine how the animal integrates information about predator threat (as revealed by a chemical alarm cue) and vulnerability (as mediated by flow and habitat structure) to inform movement decisions during the upriver spawning migration. The student will examine these phenomena in light of predator-prey theory, and with an eye towards the development of novel invasive species control tactics that employ the manipulation of risk-related information.

Qualifications: M.S. in biology, ecology, or related field.

Contact: Dr. Michael Wagner,

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Michigan State University


East Lansing, MI


$23,000 stipend + tuition and health benefits

Date Posted

June 01, 2018

Job Type

Full Time