Downieville and Chico/Oakdale, CA


$18.75 - $26.50 / hour

Thursday April 20, 2023

Description: FISHBIO is seeking a qualified Fisheries Technician and/or Fisheries Biologist for projects beginning in summer and fall 2023. The applicants’ main task will be the evaluation of Rotary Screw Trap performance under variable environmental conditions on a remote Northern California River. Additional tasks related to other, ongoing projects will be assigned as applicable, and may include reporting, data synthesis, and contributions to field sampling efforts. Continuation of employment is expected upon completion of the Rotary Screw Trap evaluation, based in Chico or Oakdale, CA.

Responsibilities: It is expected that staff will need to be based in or near Downieville, CA, while Rotary Screw Traps are in active operation. RST operation is expected from October 2023 through May 2024, albeit not continuously. During operating periods, which may last several days up to several weeks, RSTs will need to be tended to on a daily basis, perhaps multiple times each day during periods of elevated flow or high debris loads. Traps must be maintained to ensure proper function, and data on trap operation and performance must be diligently recorded for subsequent evaluation and analysis.

Requirements/Basic Qualifications:

Degree or pursuing a degree in fisheries biology, aquatic biology/ecology, or closely related field;
Physically capable of lifting weights up to 50 lbs;
General knowledge of salmonids and CA freshwater fishes;
Excellent communication skills;
Flexible work schedule (nights, weekends, holidays)
Work independently in the field;
Be detail-oriented and commit to immaculate record keeping, required to ensure data accuracy;
Follow stringent safety and procedural protocols;
Adhere to frequent, required check-in/check-out calls;
Periodically review safety plans and job hazards under changing conditions.

Desired Qualifications:

Rotary Screw Trap Installation, Operation, and Retrieval
Whitewater experience
Swiftwater rescue training
Experience working in remote locations under adverse conditions (such as high flows, cold, and inclement weather).

To Apply: submit your resume, including a cover letter and three references, to info@fishbio.com using the subject line: “RST Evaluation”

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