Cramer Fish Sciences


Ross Lake, WA


$20-$24 DOE

Friday June 10, 2022


Cramer Fish Sciences (CFS) is a fisheries research consulting firm that serves the Pacific Northwest and California. We are a growing, employee-owned company whose mission is to rigorously apply the scientific method to afford our clients innovative, scientifically robust solutions to address a variety of fisheries and environmental challenges. The CFS team achieves this through effective and unbiased data collection, insightful analysis and interpretation, and clear communications.

Focus & Location: To conduct stream habitat surveys in the backcountry of Northwestern Washington forests in the upper Skagit River, and tributaries of Ross Lake using USFS Level II survey methods.

Field Work: This position provides entry-level field support by assisting Biologists. Field work will be conducted in two-person teams on a 7-day-on, 5-day-off rotation. Lodging will be provided for some portions of the 7-day working period; however, a large portion of the work will occur while backcountry camping. Field technicians will be supervised by the Fish Ecology Lab in Portland, OR.


Perform stream habitat surveys following USFS Level II surveys for classifying and measuring attributes of channel units, large wood, gradient, substrate size, discharge and water quality parameters, and measurements of streamside vegetation conditions. Provide support in collecting fish distribution data with a backpack electro-fisher and collecting fish tissues. Ability to accurately interpret and follow established guidelines and protocols as you conduct data collection, entry, organization, and quality assurance/control. Prepare and organize the upkeep of all equipment and supplies needed for field work. Using GPS devices, hiking to and working in remote field sites in the Northern Washington Cascades. Ability to work collaboratively with others to resolve challenges.


Undergraduate coursework in Fisheries Science, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geomorphology, Hydrology, or related field. General knowledge of Pacific Northwest fish biology is a plus. Proficient in Microsoft Office 365. Valid class C driver’s license. Must have prior experience backpacking/camping in remote locations for up to 7 days at a time. Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds. Must be comfortable working in aquatic environments including wading in rivers and streams. Must be able to walk long distances and across a variety of terrains, including uneven surfaces. Must be able to climb, jump, bend, stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl in a variety of weather conditions.

Salary: $20-$24 DOE

Start Date: July 5th

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