Great Basin Institute


Reno, Nevada



Tuesday March 14, 2023


GBI is recruiting Stream Survey Technicians to work with GBI and USGS staff. Each Stream Technician will work under the supervision of one Crew Lead to collect streams data with the FLOwPER field form to provide standardized data collection to map the presence of flow in streams, and upload them into an ArcGIS database. This data can be used for multiple purposes, such as archiving where flowing water is present in forest planning units, informing modeling efforts of streamflow permanence, and providing information needed to update stream classifications across any spatial extent. Field crews will also collect road stream crossings (ROADXStr) observations using the ROADXStr app. Road networks are a constant presence of human infrastructure in Pacific Northwest ecosystems. Maintaining and inventorying stream-road crossings is extremely important due to how impactful road networks are on stream systems. During field work, car camping for 7 night “hitches” in remote locations will typically be required.


Maintaining safety awareness and practices; Collecting data to characterize streamflow; Entering data into FLOwPER and ROADXStr applications; Locating survey sites using GPS and topographic maps; Navigating rough backcountry roads with 4WD vehicles; Hiking off trail and over rough terrain; Working with a small team to complete protocols; and Field camping for 8-day stints will be required. Additional duties include: Regular communication with GBI support staff and agency staff; Participation in GBI and agency trainings; and Employing QA/ QC checks.


Bachelor’s degree in Aquatic Ecology, Fisheries, Hydrology, Water Resources, or other relative Natural Resource degree. Experience with data entry and management; Ability to read, interpret and navigate using topographic maps; Experience safely operating 4WD trucks on paved and unpaved roads, often in remote areas on unimproved roads; Experience navigating and collecting coordinates with hand-held GPS units; Experience creating maps and performing basic functions with GIS software (ArcMap), preferred; and Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access).

Salary: 18/hr. $30 per diem for every night camped in the field (up to 7 units in an 8 day work week). Affordable Care Act Compliant Health insurance. Paid federal holidays. Paid personal time off (amount dependent on contract length)

Start Date: 06/05/2023 for 16 weeks (end 09/20/2023)

To Apply: Learn more and apply here. If you have any questions, contact Katharine Lynch at aimrecruitment@thegreatbasininstitute.org.

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