Some advocates aren’t happy with BC Wild Salmon consultation process

CFJC Today –

The BC Government is working on a strategy for protecting and enhancing wild salmon populations in BC. As part of that strategy, the Wild Salmon Advisory Council has been travelling up and down the BC coast, engaging with communities on the initial recommendations made this fall.

Tonight (Jan. 8) the council is in Kamloops for their only stop in the BC Interior, to host a meeting with the public to get more feedback on the process, but for some wild salmon advocates, that process might not be inclusive enough.

Standing on the shore of Kamloops Lake, Tobiano resident Gregory Gordon reflects on the many species of salmon that use the lake and the rivers that connect it to the Pacific Ocean as a spawning ground to lay eggs and sustain their young; in recent decades, the number of salmon returning to these waters and beyond to spawn have been fewer and fewer.

The health of salmon stocks is one of the reasons why the BC Government is working to create a wild salmon strategy. The Wild Salmon Advisory Council is in Kamloops engaging with members of the public on the topic at a meeting at the Sandman Centre.

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