Artificial coastal defences could be used to enhance marine biodiversity, study shows

Phys Org –

Future coastal defences, harbours and ports could enhance biodiversity within the marine environment through the use of cement substitutes. But the materials used need to be selected carefully in order that native and non-native species are not adversely affected, a study by the University of Plymouth suggests.

With the pressures of climate change and many of the world’s population living on or near the coast, there is growing demand to increase development of the marine and coastal environment.

Many schemes already use cement replacements, but with them being introduced on a larger scale, there is a pressing need to determine their effect on the organisms which colonise them and the wider marine environment.

Scientists from the University conducted a series of tests over a two-month period and said some of these alternative materials appeared to have a negative effect on colonising native species but had no effect on non-native species.

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