Atmospheric river wallops Pacific Northwest with flooding, landslides and power outages

Washington Post

Because of the high winds, more than 600,000 customers were without power in the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday morning (about 540,000 in Washington, and 74,000 in Oregon), according to

At its peak Tuesday, the atmospheric river was trucking ashore 665 million gallons of moisture every hour, about a quarter of the flow rate of the Mississippi River. Flood watches blanketed western Oregon and Washington during the height of the episode, which drew in moisture from the tropical West Pacific up to 4,000 miles away.

Seattle has seen 7.45 inches of rainfall since Jan. 1, marking the wettest start to a year on record.

In Oregon, scattered landslides were reported, including a “significant” landslide affecting West Burnside Street in Portland. Oregon Highway 126 was also shut down for a time Tuesday night.

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