B.C. boaters help rescue entangled humpback near Ucluelet

North Delta Reporter

The West Coast is cheering its local boating community that teamed up to help rescue a beloved mother humpback whale known regionally as ‘Pinky’ last week.

The popular humpback recently found snarled by fishing gear in Barkley Soundhas been freed of her entanglement and is now ready to head to her Hawaiian breeding grounds alongside her calf.

“Once I heard that she had been freed of her entanglement, I felt a lot of relief, a lot of joy and also a lot of pride for the local community,” Sydney Dixon told the Westerly News on Sunday. “It’s such a great community out here of dedicated, hardworking people that really care about these animals, so it felt really good to know that the community coming together resulted in a happy ending.”

Dixon is the research and education director for Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society and also a zodiac skipper for Jamie’s Whaling Station. She was onboard a Jamie’s zodiac when she first spotted the distressed humpback struggling alongside a calf on Oct. 7.

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