Bay environmental groups hail Redwood City salt ponds decision

The Daily Journal

Bay Area environmental groups are celebrating a decision by an affiliate of Cargill to withdraw its appeal of a federal judge’s finding that Redwood City salt ponds are protected by the Clean Water Act.

While the withdrawal does not mean development is prohibited it does make it more difficult, as the federal act requires permits be issued before any dredging or filling of the salt ponds, a 1,365-acre area adjacent to the San Francisco Bay filled with tidal pools, marshland and commercial salt mining operations.

The decision to withdraw by Redwood City Plant Site, LLC, a Cargill affiliate, follows the decision by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw its appeal Feb. 26 in the weeks after the Biden administration took office.

The EPA’s change of direction appears to be another instance of the new administration’s different stance on environmental issues than that of the Trump administration.

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