Bear River First Nation to push ahead with its own livelihood fishery plan

Global News

Bear River First Nation says its developing plans to create its own moderate livelihood fishery in the area of St. Mary’s Bay and they are doing so in cooperation with other Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chiefs.

In a three-page letter to Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan and other Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chiefs, Bear River Chief Carol Dee Potter expressed her band’s concern around the ongoing lobster dispute in Digby County, saying the tense and at times violent situation between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishers has forced its people from fishing in the area.

“Our community has fished St. Mary’s Bay as a traditional fishing ground since time immemorial,” wrote Chief Potter.

“We currently fish St. Mary’s Bay for both communal commercial and food, social and ceremonial purposes, although over the last few weeks our fishers have been forced out of this area due to the ongoing dispute.”

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