What is a ‘bomb cyclone’ or bombogenesis? One is headed to Northern California

Sacramento Bee

Over the weekend and during the start of next week, Northern California can expect some storms — and a “bomb cyclone.”

But what exactly does that mean?

Also known as bombogenesis, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a bomb cyclone is when a midlatitude cyclone quickly intensifies over 24 hours. Within that time, it drops at least 24 millibars, which is a unit that measures atmospheric pressure.

Decreases in pressure signify how strong winds are during a storm and the bigger the drop, the stronger the winds.

Northern California residents can expect intense rain and winds from the bomb cyclone. As reported by NBC News, bomb cyclones may behave like normal storms. However, it can sometimes cause heavy flooding and create blizzard conditions and wind speeds similar to a Category 1 hurricane.

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