Butte Co. Board of Supervisors files lawsuit against DWR

KRCR News –

The Butte County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to file a lawsuit against the California Department of Water Resources for failing to comply with state water law.

The Board of Supervisors said DWR did not adequately assess the environmental and socioeconomic impacts from the California WaterFix. The California WaterFix is a Habitat and Conservation Plan and Natural Community Conservation Plan intended to meet the standards of the federal Endangered Species Act and California’s Natural Community Conservation Planning Act.

The WaterFix is intended to protect more than 50 species of fish, wildlife, and plants over 50 years. The WaterFix includes two 45-foot diameter tunnels that create new diversion and conveyance facilities of the State Water Project and Central Valley Project which draw water from the Delta.

The Board took this action to protect Butte County from the damage the WaterFix would have to Butte County’s economy, environment, and communities.

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