California’s Water Budget

My Motherlode –

In response to California’s recent severe drought, in 2018 two legislative bills were signed into law as part of the California Water Code. Senate Bill (SB) 606 and Assembly Bill (AB) 1668 were enacted in tandem, with each one dependent on the passage of the other.

The two bills together recognize the importance of water to the residents of California, make arrangements for the adoption of long-term standards for efficient water use, authorize the development of performance measures for commercial, industrial, institutional (CII) and large landscape water users, and establish a standard for indoor residential water use.

The existing standard for indoor residential water use is 55 gallons per day per person. On January 1, 2025, the standard decreases to 52.5 gallons per capita per day. Then, on January 1, 2030, the standard drops to 50 gallons per person per day

So, how much is 50 gallons per day? I did a quick calculation based on my last water bill. From April 10 to June 9 (60 days) my water usage was 692 cubic feet (water is often measured in cubic feet rather than gallons.) I multiplied 692 cubic feet by 7.48 (the number of gallons in each cubic foot) to arrive at 5176 gallons total. Dividing that by the 60 days in the billing period, I arrived at 86 gallons per day, both inside and outside the house.

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