Can We Ever Reverse the Damage We’ve Done

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The global numbers regarding fishing have gone from sustainable to straight-up devastating in just a few decades. Now, the creatures of the water have to fear about two more things in addition to human-made disasters – the rising water temperatures and plastic.

There is no harm in fishing. It actually helps the marine ecosystem by keeping the aquatic population in check.

But there is a difference between justified consumption and exploitation. And it seems that the differences are just a blur to us.

In just half a century, over-fished stocked grew triple its size. Its effects pushed one-third of the global fisheries to their biological limits.

Even if one species of fish gets wiped off from the earth, it is going to have a very drastic effect on the marine ecosystem.

Defining overfishing is simple. It happens when you catch fishes to the extent that there is not enough breeding population to fill the gap. And the next wave of fishing will further catch more breeding pairs, creating a chain of events where the fish population spirals down uncontrollably.

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