CDFW Stocking Brook Trout Into Sacramento-Area Waters This Winter For Fishing In The City


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) will provide trout anglers in the greater Sacramento area with an unprecedented fishing opportunity this winter: the chance to catch brook trout from a half-dozen urban and suburban park ponds and lakes that are part of CDFW’s Fishing in the City program. Fishing in the City began in 1993 to provide recreational fishing and outdoor opportunities to California’s urban, suburban and underserved communities.

“These are good-looking fish,” said Jason Julienne, the senior environmental scientist who supervises CDFW’s North Central Region fish hatcheries. “They fight hard, they’re aggressive and they’re good table fare. This is a unique opportunity for anglers using these urban fisheries to catch a very special fish.”

CDFW’s American River Trout Hatchery typically provides rainbow trout to the Fishing in the City – Sacramento Metro Area program during the winter months, when ambient temperatures become cool enough to support trout in these low-elevation waters. Unfortunately, due to the drought conditions experienced throughout the state this past summer, the American River Trout Hatchery was forced to evacuate all its fish as warming water temperatures would have proved fatal to the various cold-water trout species the hatchery raises.

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