Costa Rican Tuna should be for Costa Rican Fishermen

The Costa Rica News

Costa Rica has a wealth of tuna in its seas like few other countries in the world. The problem is that most of this wealth is stolen from us by foreign ships using industrial fishing methods that are extremely harmful to the marine ecosystem. They rob us of economic resources at the same time that they generate environmental damage.

And we say they steal those resources from us because at the end of the day they pay us a pittance for fishing licenses that allow them to extract thousands of tons under practically no environmental regulations.

According to INCOPESCA data, foreign vessels extract more than 25,000 tons of tuna per year. Between 2008 and 2011 they paid us the only US $ 37 per ton of tuna caught in our sea. On the other hand, a ton of fresh tuna sells for more than the US $ 6000 in the international market.

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