David E. Kelley on Creating a Fish Farm: “I’m Trying to Save Something Bigger Than Myself”

Hollywood Reporter –

Producer David E. Kelley compared himself to a salmon at a talk he gave at the Aquarium of the Pacific last night.

The Big Little Lies, Private Practice, Boston Public and Ally McBeal creator told an audience that he had grown up on a horse farm in Maine and had thought he would never want to get near a farm again. “I studied in high school and one of the biggest motivators was so I would get to stop mucking stalls,” he said.

But now, years later, he has a farm in his life. In a chat with aquarium CEO and president Jerry Schubel, Kelley talked about starting his own U.S.-based aquaculture farm, which raises steelhead trout (the species is a cousin of salmon, part of the salmonid family of fish). “I guess like a salmon,” he said, “I’m sort of returning upriver to the stream I began on and have returned to farm life.”

The farm is called Riverence, harking to the idea of having a reverence for rivers. It’s comprised of a brood farm in Washington state — “We really drilled down on selective breeding, perfect the genetics and breeding fish for vigor,” said Kelley — and eight aquaculture locations in Idaho.

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