Draft Tenmile Creek Watershed Conservation and Restoration Action Plan Released to Public

Redheaded Blackbelt

The Eel River Recovery Project released the public draft of the Tenmile Creek Watershed Conservation and Restoration Action Plan, which is the culminating product of a two year pilot project.  The document is available at www.eelriverrecovery.org. and the public is invited to comment.

The California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) awarded ERRP Prop 1 funds to work on water conservation, riparian restoration and erosion control.  The Action Plan reports on Tenmile Creek riparian conditions and restoration opportunities, erosion sources and proposed fixes for some, and community water conservation initiatives that would allow native fish to flourish and provide water security for domestic and agricultural water users.

Tenmile Creek riparian zones are characterized as high quality, with old growth oaks comprising part of the canopy on the valley floor and recovering riparian zones on tributaries coming off Cahto Peak.  The report identifies 14 sites of major bank erosion.  ERRP recently won a grant to fix 620 feet on Cahto, Mill and Streeter creeks in 2021.  Additional grants will be sought for identified sites with landowner interest, and ERRP will continue to pursue additional partners in restoration where there are problems with bank erosion.  Reducing sediment from these sources can improve salmon and steelhead spawning habitat.

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