DWR Completes Installation of Emergency Salinity Drought Barrier

California Department of Water Resources

After three weeks of round-the-clock work, the emergency drought salinity barrier (EDSB) was completed in late June. The barrier will help prevent saltwater contamination of water supplies used by millions of Californians who rely on Delta-based federal and state water projects for at least some of their water supplies.

“Keeping saltwater from intruding into the central Delta is essential as a large portion of the state’s fresh water for urban and agricultural use goes through this part of the Delta,” said Ted Craddock, Deputy Director for the State Water Project.

The emergency barrier will also help conserve critical water supplies in upstream reservoirs for later use by avoiding the need to send large volumes of water into the Delta to repel salinity this summer.

Lowering the required Delta outflow allows greater flexibility in water allocations and operations, including flexibility in reservoir management, Delta cross-channel operations, reservoir release timing and operation of the State Water Project (SWP) and Central Valley Project (CVP).

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