East Sand Slough project wraps up in Red Bluff

Red Bluff Daily News

Construction crews successfully completed the Side Channel Reconnection Project at the East Sand Slough as of Jan. 4, furthering the improvement of fish passage from the Sacramento River to the slough.

The East Sand Slough Side Channel Project is part of an ongoing restoration project aimed to improve fish passage and reconnect the side channel, offering a rearing habitat for winter-run juvenile fish.

“We’ve already seen juvenile steelhead at the mouth of the slough itself so that’s showing us that they are ready and wanting access to the slough,” said Outreach Education Manager Brin Greer. “Right now during construction we have a berm in place, but once we remove the berm, the slough will become open for fish to migrate into as a safe haven, to grow from juvenile to adult fish, increasing their chances for survival in the Sacramento River.”

Over the years, portions of the East Sand Slough have filled with sediment, causing some areas of the slough to be higher in elevation than the Sacramento River.

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