More evidence needed to back aquaculture’s value

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So concluded participants at the recent Global Workshop on Nutrition-sensitive Fish Agri-food Systems. The event saw 150 participants from 20 countries discussing a need to shift from fish production approaches to fish agri-food systems that are more geared to nutrition-sensitive outcomes.

Participants at the workshop, including representatives of governments, UN organizations, NGOs and research institutes reflected that fish agri-food systems were not as well researched as other areas of agriculture, making informed decisions on how to invest difficult.

The event was convened by WorldFish with support from IFAD, the European Union and the Royal Government of Cambodia and was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 5-8 December. It also saw an announcement that WorldFish has become an official member of the Scaling UP Nutrition (SUN) movement – which aims to improve nutrition for all, especially women and children.

Incoming WorldFish Director General, Gareth Johnstone, said: “It’s clear that a more compelling case to better understand how fish production and consumption can impact the lives of the poor needs to be made. At WorldFish, I commit to creating an enabling environment for better research and better research collaborations that will make a clearer link between fish agri-food systems and development outcomes including livelihoods and food and nutrition security.”

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