Farmed Salmon Company Apologizes After Video Surfaces Of Maine Workers Mishandling Fish

Maine Public –

Cooke Aquaculture has issued an apology and says it’s taking immediate action after the release of undercover video footage Monday by an animal rights group that appears to show workers mishandling salmon at the company’s hatchery in Bingham.

The footage released by the group Compassion Over Killing in an edited video allegedly shows workers at the facility slamming, stomping and throwing fish long distances into tanks. Unnamed workers also describe some salmon being punctured while being vaccinated, and others being thrown away into buckets and left to die. It also shows some fish that appear to have fungus on them.

Mike Wolf, the director of investigations for the group, says that the undercover footage was gathered over a period of about two months and was included in a complaint filed with state regulators.

“I think it’s also just incredibly important for the public to see this, have the knowledge, and make informed decisions about what they’re putting in their body,” Wolf says.

In a written statement, Cooke Aquaculture Inc. CEO Glenn Cooke says that he was “disappointed and deeply saddened” by the video, and that it does not reflect the company’s goals for how it treats animals.

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