Feather River Fish Hatchery closed to visitors due to water damage

Oroville MR –

People will not be able to gather for a while at the Feather River Fish Hatchery in Oroville to watch the salmon at the Fish Barrier Dam on the Feather River — as they did in this photo last September — due to damage from high flows during the spillway emergency in February. The other photo shows the flows on Feb. 15, when the Department of Water Resources was dumping 100,000 cubic-feet per second into the Feather River in an attempt to relieve pressure on the Oroville Dam emergency spillway weir. All the structures visible in September were underwater in February, and were damaged by high flood waters, silt and debris, making it unsafe for the public to be on the grounds or access the river via hatchery property. “Our staff is focused on keeping the hatchery salmon and steelhead alive, and facility cleanup efforts won’t be completed for some time,” said Anna Kastner, Feather River Hatchery manager. “We appreciate the public’s patience and support of our efforts to preserve these critical stocks under unusual and challenging circumstances. We’ll be very happy when all operations are back to normal.”

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