First Nations, commercial, and recreational harvesters join forces to save Fraser River fish

The Abbotsford News

First Nations, commercial, and recreational fishing groups have joined forces to help stave off any further decline of fish stocks on the Fraser River.

The Lower Fraser Collaborative Table (LFCT), with membership from 23 First Nations of the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance, recreational fishing groups, and commercial reps from the Area E Harvest Commercial, united to help both Fraser salmon runs, as well as non-salmon species.

“Our people all remember the good old days when there were abundant salmon, sturgeon and steelhead, but today they are in a major crisis,” said Les Antone, a Kwantlen First Nation delegate of the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance, and a founding member of the LFCT, in a news release. “We have to work together to rebuild these stocks while there is still time – and good management means we all have to make sacrifices together.”

Members ratified the LFCT’s official terms of reference on Tuesday, June 15,to “chart a new path to reconciliation” for harvesters of the Lower Fraser, with an emphasis on “collaboration and civil dialogue” to build trust, said the release.

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