Fisheries agency detects fewer infringements over bluefin tuna

By Analia Murias
June 29, 2012

From early 2012 to date, the Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) found 32 possible breaches of bluefin tuna fisheries that could lead to sanctions.

The executive director of the Agency, Pascal Savouret, explained that the agency “is not responsible for the enforcement of the rule but it is the responsibility of the Member States to investigate these cases in which there may not have been compliance and to determine whether it is possible to consider criminal or administrative sanctions.”

CFCA’s research is part of their joint deployment plan, which has already performed over 340 inspections on bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and in the Eastern Atlantic.

Savouret noted that the number of inspections “has remained constant” for the reduction in the number of vessels established by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in 2009, while the number of offenses “has been reduced,” the newspaper Faro de Vigo reported.

Based on the proportion of violations per inspection, it has been stated that there has been a reduction “of 15 per cent to 9 per cent.”

According to the executive director of the Agency, over 30 per cent of the alleged violations are related to the declaration of catches.

Regarding the situation of bluefin tuna as a fishery resource, Savouret said that in the autumn, it is expected to hold two meetings of the ICCAT Scientific Committee, in which the recommendation to “reconsider” the existing recovery plan will be analysed.

“It’s a critical year for bluefin tuna, as this review is carried out every two years,” Savouret pointed out.

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