Forward Progress to Reactivate our Floodplains in the Sacramento Valley

Northern California Water Association –

The Northern California Water Association recently joined a broad coalition of conservation organizations, landowners, local governments, water suppliers and academic institutions to applaud the Governor and the Legislature for including nearly $100 million in the 2019-2020 State Budget for important investments to improve public safety, enhance water security and provide fish and wildlife habitat. The full statement from this coalition is shown below.

These initial investments in multi-benefit projects using funding approved by California voters in recent bond measures are a win for both people and the environment as these efforts–which include projects to reactivate historic floodplains in the Central Valley–will upgrade California’s aging water and flood infrastructure while simultaneously enhancing the function of our river ecosystems for the benefit of fish and wildlife populations.

To better understand the emerging science surrounding floodplains, we strongly recommend a recent article in bioGraphic, the California Academy of Science’s magazine, that highlights the science and many of these efforts to advance reactivation as a new way forward. The article is Raised in Ricefields.

To highlight the opportunities for floodplain reactivation, Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot will host a presentation next Monday, July 15, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Resources Auditorium.

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