Gray whale carcass to be towed off Bainbridge beach for study

Kitsap Sun

A gray whale carcass that washed ashore on Bainbridge Island’s Manitou Beach will be towed away for inspection. The rare sight and its location on an easily accessible beach made it a draw for curious, photo-snapping visitors Wednesday.

This was the sixth gray whale stranding in Washington this year, said Michael Milstein, a spokesman for the west coast region for NOAA Fisheries. The whale was an adult and appeared “fairly decomposed, so apparently it was floating for a while,” he said. At this point it’s unclear how the whale died, he said.

The carcass will be towed off the Bainbridge beach to a location in southern Puget Sound for an exam and decomposition. An assessment will determine the whale’s condition and what kind of nutrition it was getting, Milstein said.

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