Harmful algal blooms detected at Lake Tahoe beach

FOX 40

If you’re visiting South Lake Tahoe, there’s two beaches you might want to avoid.

City officials announced on Saturday they’ve detected harmful algal blooms at El Dorado Beach. This comes after blooms had also been detected at Regan Beach the previous week, forcing its closure.

Signs dot these beaches at South Lake Tahoe, warning people that algae may be present in the water, potentially posing a hazard to both people and pets.

Geoffrey Schladow, director of the Tahoe Environmental Research Center at UC Davis, said people and pets should avoid getting in or drinking the water.

“Primarily, it can affect their liver and cause skin irritation,” Schladow said. “There have been reports from various places of animals dying from extreme cases of toxicity. But I think the levels here are not as high as they have been in those cases.”

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