Here’s How That Internet-Famous ‘Fish Tube’ Works

Smithsonian –

Over the past few days, the internet has unleashed it’s collective wit on a video of the “salmon cannon,” a gadget that is used to transport migratory fish, primarily salmon, over and around dams blocking their way. While slinging fish upriver using a pneumatic tube is kind of funny, it’s also a legit piece of conservation equipment that may help to restore ecosystems.

The fish frenzy began when a video of the fish cannon—actually a fish migratory system created by the aptly named company Whooshh Innovations—was highlighted on the news platform Cheddar. From there, the video, which shows people loading salmon into the tube and then follows the fish’s journey through the migrator tube up and over a dam, went viral.

The internet did its thing, adding the music from Super Mario Brothers to the scene as well as a crowd favorite: Lady Gaga’s iconic belting in the song Shallow. Lots of people want to take a ride in it.

As Scottie Andrew at CNN reports, the fish cannon is not a new invention, and when it first hit the media in 2014, comedian John Oliver spent almost five minutes riffing on the salmon cannon.

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