Hopes dashed for Kampong Cham fishermen as conservation lake dries

Khmer Times

For many years, illegal and over-fishing have depleted the population of fish in the lakes and rivers across Cambodia, particularly during the dry season.

For fishermen in Kampong Cham province’s Kang Meas district, they have pinned their hopes on a conservation lake on the border with Kandal province which has bred all kinds of fish to be released into six other lakes when the Mekong River flows into them during the rainy season.

However, the hopes of fishermen living around the six lakes in the district have been dashed as the conservation lake has dried up this year before the Mekong River fills it with water.

Yet, the conservation lake in Kang Meas district, known as Boeng Bak Rotes, has dried up due to human causes and not climate change like other lakes.

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