Humboldt Bay harbor district eyes fish farm

Times Standard –

Hundreds of millions of dollars and 80 jobs are coming to Humboldt Bay, according to recent announcements from the harbor district and a Norwegian-owned fish farm company.

The Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Board of Directors at a special meeting Monday is set to consider leasing 30 acres on the Samoa Peninsula to California Marine Investments, a subsidiary of Norway-based Nordic Aquafarms, for use as a land-based aquaculture facility.

“This site meets all of our criteria for building a safe, clean, and sustainable fish farm,” Nordic Aquafarms CEO and president Erik Heim said in a Saturday press release, “and we have been welcomed by local authorities who are excited about the many benefits this project can bring to the area.”

Harbor district executive director Larry Oetker said in the release that he hoped to get the project under way as soon as possible.

“We have been looking for an anchor project that will be a catalyst for attracting and developing an aquaculture cluster,” he said, citing properties on the Samoa peninsula previously permitted by the district for aquaculture.

Nordic is considering raising salmon or steelhead at the proposed facility, pending negotiations with local permitting authorities. The company plans to submit permit applications by spring 2020, according to the release, which also highlighted local government support for the project.

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