Lead Scientist Dr. Callaway updates the State Water Board on science efforts in the Delta

Maven’s Notebook –

At the May 21st meeting of the State Water Board, Lead Scientist Dr. John Callaway updated Board members of ongoing science efforts in the Delta.  In his update, Dr. Callaway discussed the advisory panel report on biological goals, the results from the recent research solicitation, and a paper on salmon resiliency in the face of climate change.

State Water Board staff requested the Delta Science Program to put together an advisory panel to provide input on the developing of biological goals for the update to the Bay Delta Plan, asking them to look specifically issues related to salmonids, other native fish, and ecosystem processes.  The panel had six members and was led by former Delta Lead Scientist Cliff Dahm; on the panel were two scientists with a strong salmon focus, two with native fish, and two looking at ecosystem processes.  The panel started their work at the end of last year; they produced a draft report, held a public meeting, and received input from stakeholders; and the final report was completed in April.

Advisory panels give input on science behind the policy issues and what science should be considered in setting policy.  The panel did not give specific recommendations on exact goals, but instead were asked to focus on the approach to developing goals and the science behind the goals.

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