Long-term Clear Creek restoration project completed

Bureau of Reclamation

Phase 3C of the Lower Clear Creek Floodway Rehabilitation Project has been completed, attracting fish and wildlife to new habitats and people to new recreation opportunities.

This phase concludes the extensive and decades-long effort to restore more than 2 miles of stream channel on Bureau of Land Management property below Whiskeytown Dam. It was led by the Clear Creek Technical Team, which includes BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Yurok Tribe and other federal, tribal, state, local agencies and stakeholders.

“Through river restoration actions, Clear Creek has become one of the most valuable, highly productive habitats for naturally produced salmon and steelhead in California’s Central Valley,” said Charlie Chamberlain, a fish biologist for the Service. “Salmon and steelhead deposit millions of eggs into Clear Creek’s gravel beds each year upstream of the Phase 3C restoration area, and the habitats created here will improve the juveniles’ survival and their chances to return as adults.”

Construction of Phase 3C, which was completed by the Yurok Tribe, dramatically improved spawning and juvenile rearing habitat for many types of salmonids, including threatened Central Valley spring-run Chinook salmon and California Central Valley steelhead.

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