Massive trail of dead fish flows into Ohio River following Jim Beam warehouse fire


A bourbon inferno is flooding a nearby river with dead fish.

Now a cocktail of bourbon, ash and carcasses has made its way into the Ohio River, upstream of Louisville.

The fish kill follows a massive fire last week at a Jim Beam barrel warehouse in Woodford County.

The fire burned for days because crews didn’t want to put water on it and create even more runoff.

It led to a 23-mile long “alcohol plume” that flowed into the Kentucky River and now into the Ohio River in Carrollton.

With a view of the Kentucky River flowing into the Ohio, Carrollton’s Point Park is a favorite summer spot. But the view and the smell took a turn Monday and visitors like Linda Allgerier stopped by for a different reason.

“It’s disgusting,” Allgerier said. “It’s a shame. We’re losing our wildlife. What else is it going to affect besides the fish?”

As the plume of alcohol flowed from Woodford County to Carroll County through the Kentucky River, it left a massive trail of dead fish.

“It’s alarming to me, what it does to not only the fish but the whole ecosystem,” Mayor Robb Adams said.

Adams said he is troubled by what his city is seeing.

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