Maybe Snow? Weather experts say this winter is a toss-up

Tahoe Daily Tribune

After a dry, hot, smoky summer, many Lake Tahoe locals and visitors are ready for a snowy winter. But conditions this summer, historical data and Tahoe’s position within the various weather streams are making it hard to predict what this winter will bring.

The Lake Tahoe Basin sits right in the center of the inflection point of where the northern and southern “Los Ninos,” meet.

“The El Nino Southern Oscillation (this term encompasses both El Nino and La Nina) cycle somewhat reliably predicts weather to our north and to our south but whether our area is affected by ENSO is almost entirely a tossup,” said Paul Fremeau, an atmospheric scientist with WeatherExtreme.

Bryan Allegretto, CA/NV forecaster for Open Snow, shares the same sentiment as Fremeau.

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