Mekong Delta takes preventive measures against saline intrusion

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Local authorities in the Mekong Delta have begun taking measures to cope with the effects of saltwater intrusion and drought in the upcoming 2020-2021 dry season.

In recent years, the Mekong Delta – the country’s largest rice, fruit and seafood producer – has faced severe saltwater intrusion from sea via river mouths during the dry season.

Local authorities in Can Tho City and the delta’s 12 provinces, have warned farmers to sow rice and other crops in the dry season under certain schedules and in areas that can secure irrigation water.

The provinces in coastal areas have upgraded irrigation systems to protect crops and aquaculture.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Sac Trang province has warned farmers to sow the 2020-21 winter-spring rice crop one month earlier than normal to mitigate the impact of saltwater intrusion and drought.

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