Mekong dolphin population remains steady

Khmer Times

The Fisheries Administration and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) yesterday announced that an estimated 89 Irrawaddy dolphins live in the rivers of Cambodia, according to an official population survey.

The survey  is from the 2020 report “The population of Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin in 2020 based on the Mark-Resight Models” which was released at the Fisheries Administration office.

Seng Teak, country director of WWF, said that Mekong river dolphin is considered an important
part of Cambodia’s natural resource heritage and an important source of income for the communities involved in ecotourism.

He said that their research of Irrawaddy dolphins in Southeast Asia is only in Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and some parts of Laos.

“Where the dolphins are present indicates that the ecosystem and health of the river in that area is excellent, rich in all kinds of fish, as well as a good habitat for many other river animals,” Teak said.

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