Have Microplastics Reached a ‘Steady State’ in the Ocean?

Environmental Technology

It’s common knowledge that our consumption of plastic has continued to increase over recent years and decades, with much of the plastic generated only designated for single-use purposes. While governments across the globe have attempted to introduce schemes to curb the improper disposal of plastic waste, recycling rates remain depressingly low and a significant proportion of all plastics eventually find their way into our seas and oceans.

Despite these discouraging premises, it may be possible that the overall amount of plastic in our marine environments has levelled off in recent years. Those are the findings of a study conducted by the French oceanographic research institute IFREMER, which pored over a wide range of previously existing marine litter data to come to its conclusions. However, lead author Dr Francois Galgani was quick to temper any optimism that may be engendered from the paper, given that alternative explanations do exist.

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