How a multi-partner project offers hope for improved post-smolt production

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What areas are you most looking forward to tackling as head of the project?

Salmon farming is moving towards major innovations regarding production forms, as it attempts to grow in the face of challenges such as sea lice. It is very exciting to be able to participate in the research that is needed to develop and implement new technologies. We also have a responsibility to take care of the health and welfare of the fish in these new systems.

Which elements of your extensive aquaculture experience are you finding particularly useful for your new role?

I have worked in aquaculture research for 16 years, and I have followed the evolution of aquaculture to understand why we have come to where we are today, and why there is a need for new technologies. My major research field is fish welfare and welfare indicators, but since I have had the opportunity to collaborate in several interdisciplinary projects, I also have the chance to follow and understand the huge diversity of research involved in CtrlAQUA. I also think that one reason I was offered this role is that I have been project leader for big interdisciplinary projects and I have some skills in keeping focused on the big picture. In a centre like CtrlAQUA, with many long-term tasks and goals, it is very important to keep the long view in mind.

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