Ocean-based actions can help curb climate change impacts, new international guidance shows

Environmental Defense Fund

A new guide released today outlines for countries the best ways ocean-based action can curb greenhouse gas emissions and lead to better adaptation to the increasing effects of climate change.

The guide, “Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions: Opportunities for Ocean-Based Climate Action,” was developed by eight leading, international conservation organizations — including Environmental Defense Fund — and presents a set of options for ocean-based climate mitigation and adaptation efforts that countries can use to enhance their nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement.

Tim Fitzgerald, senior director of Ocean Climate Strategies for EDF, and Gerald Miles, vice president of Government Partnerships for EDF, are co-authors of the guide and contributed to the section on oceanic and coastal fisheries. Other sections are coastal and marine ecosystems, marine transport and ocean-based renewable energy.

“The ocean actions and investment that flow from this guidance are desperately needed to implement NDCs, increase their ambition and help reshape national commitments,” said Miles.

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