Rare white orca spotted in the Salish Sea Easter weekend with 55 other killer whales


Naturalists had a whale of a time over the Easter weekend spotting four different pods of Bigg’s killer whales in the Salish Sea, including two orcas known for their standout appearance.

Whale watchers also spotted the Southern Resident orca J-pod swimming against the outgoing tide up the east coast of San Juan Island. In all, the Pacific Whale Watch Association reported seeing 56 orcas over the weekend.

Among a group traveling up Haro Strait, which is the boundary waters between the U.S. and Canada, was a Bigg’s killer whale named “Chainsaw.” The orca got its nickname from the large, distinct notches in the top of his fin that make it look like a large saw blade.

Chainsaw is not frequently seen in the area but was first spotted in the Puget Sound region earlier this week, the Pacific Whale Watch Association said.

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