Reclamation Implements Folsom Reservoir Power Bypass to Help Protect Salmon on the Lower American River

Water Forum

Last week, the State Water Resources Control Board received presentations from the directors at State and Federal agencies focused on the unwelcome new challenge of planning for a worse-case water year, which starts on Friday, October 1st. The presentations echoed messages that Water Forum members recently heard from Reclamation’s Kristin White, that conditions are historically dry not only in California but across the Western United States.

The core message was sobering: prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Each director emphasized that the joint strategy is a risk-management approach to assessing impacts and weighing options to secure California’s water supplies. With a strong focus on planning for another dry year, they outlined a suite of options to ensure that basic health and safety needs are met next year. These include coordinated use of reservoirs and mandatory conservation requirements in the near future. There was also a strong emphasis on local actions and the solid partnership and close coordination between State and Federal agencies.

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