How rice farmers restore Sac endangered fish population

KCRA News –

The Sacramento region’s floodplain was once a rich food source for the state’s thriving native fish population.

The essential food is still there. The problem is, for decades, fish have been blocked from accessing the vital floodplain due to flood control.

“There was once 2 million salmon that came back to the valley. What allowed that abundance is the incredible productivity of these wetlands,” Jacob Katz, with Cal Trout, said. “Now, we have about 5 percent of historical wetlands; which means we have a small percentage of the food that was once produced. Why are we surprised that we have only 5 percent of salmon and other native fish?”

Rice farmers are now working with UC Davis Watershed Sciences and Cal Trout, a conservation nonprofit, to restore native fish populations cut off from their food supply.

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