Salmon advocates file suit

Sonoma Index-Tribune

Sonoman Michael Coats is the public relations person for the Golden Gate Salmon Association, a coalition of salmon advocates that includes commercial and recreational salmon fisherman, businesses, restaurants, a native tribe, environmentalists, and others in protecting and restoring California’s largest salmon producing habitat comprised of the Central Valley rivers that feed the Bay-Delta ecosystem.

Michael, who always makes sure that I receive the latest news releases from GGSA, notified me this week that the organization has filed a lawsuit to stop the giant twin Delta tunnels that if built, would kill off our Central Valley’s last great salmon runs.

Environmentalists and fisherman alike see this latest version as just one more nail in the coffin of Northern California rivers and habitat put there by powerful Southern California development interests who want to take even more water out of our river systems and send it south.

GGSA and others are opposed to the twin tunnels they say, “…because it’s designed so big that it will wipe out salmon, fishing families and fishing communities and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Delta native wildlife.”

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