Scientists press EU for Indian Ocean yellowfin action, call for 25 percent catch cut


E.U. Fisheries Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius has been warned by members of the scientific community that Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna is being overfished by the industrial fleet of the E.U. and other nations.

In a letter sent to Sinkevičius dated 16 March, 13 leading fisheries scientists call out the E.U. on its continued overfishing of Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna as well as its denial of the scientific evidence that points to the stock being in danger of collapse. Additionally, the scientists argued that the recovery measures implemented to reduce catches in the region and to protect the stock are inadequate and ineffective.

Thirty-one nations, including many developing countries, and millions of consumers depend on the Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna stock, prompting the scientist collective to urgently issue its letter to the commissioner. The letter stated that “at least one stock analysis – one the Commission chooses not to rely on – says that it could be collapsed, perhaps never to recover, in six years.”

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